Catercore is the equipment supply division of Coreserve Australia Pty Ltd.  Catercore is actually the internal price book and specifying tool that Coreserve technicians and clients use when selecting new equipment, we only have equipment that we believe in, is tried and tested and that we can support in the future so therefore if you can see the product it has the Coreserve Seal of approval.

Our point of difference?

  • catercore will help you SELECT the correct piece of equipment
  • Coreserve Technicians will INSTALL your new piece of equipment
  • Coreserve Technicians will REMOVE your old piece of equipment
  • The Coreserve Helpdesk will be there to SUPPORT you in the future as you use your piece of equipment

Remember if the equipment is for sale on catercore then it approved by our engineers